What Are The Categories Of USB Data Cables

- May 04, 2017 -

Common USB Cable: No central control chip, must plug in the handset computer to recognize the line, the price is cheap. Typical model: Samsung CDMA series, D500 series; Motorola E398 series, V3 series; Nokia DKU-2; NEC N720 Series, Siemens 65 series, etc. USB Data line with IC: With the central control chip, the common chip model is 2303, 2101, 3116, do not interfere with the computer will also recognize the line, because an IC price is more than 10 yuan, so the price is more expensive than the IC. The working principle of the data line with chips is USB to COM, converting the USB interface into serial port on the computer. Typical model: Samsung E638 series, D418 series; NEC N610 Series, Siemens 25 series, 55 series; Sony Ericsson mobile Data cable, Panasonic mobile phone data cable, Lenovo mobile phone data cable and so on. Special USB Cable: non-ordinary popular chips, special type chips such as: DKU-5, CA-42, DCU-11 and so on. Note: We do not mistakenly think that the quality of the IC with good, not with the quality of the IC is poor, the actual band is based on the mobile phone application model to produce.

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