The Difference Between HDMI Interface And DVI Interface

- May 04, 2017 -

The latest HDMI interface has three distinct differences compared to the DVI interface. 1, the volume of the HDMI interface is much smaller than the DVI interface. To make consumers happy is the HDMI backward-compatible DVI connector, that is to say you can use HDMI equipment to connect DVI devices, the middle only use a small switch wiring can be done. The former DVI device continues to be used when the user is fully upgraded and to the new HDMI system. 2. HDMI supports a higher rate of distinction than DVI. Probably HDMI can support two times the distinction between today's HDTV. 3, DVI only supports video signal transmission, but audio signals to use additional cables for transmission. HDMI is capable of transmitting audio and video digital signals. Another big difference is the object-oriented difference. The traditional DVI interface standard is facing the general PC users, while the HDMI interface standard is oriented to the consumer electronics products, such as DVD player, home theater equipment.

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