Single Mode Fiber

- May 04, 2017 -

The transmission of optical fiber by light can be divided into Multimode and single mode. Multimode fiber allows different modes of light on a fiber transmission, its core diameter of 50 μm or 62.5 μm, in the LAN transmission, detours, more light power tap frequent, will cause the optical signal transmission loss is large, this is precisely the transmission rate is relatively low, the transmission distance is relatively short, more nodes, more joints, detours, connectors/Couplers large dosage, small size, the unit fiber length of the use of the number of light source multi-multimode fiber strengths. Using single-mode fiber, transmission distance can realize 20-100KM, and the transmission effect is good, is not easy to interfere, multimode optical devices have basically discontinued, customers if the laying of multimode fiber optic cable, some of the optical end of the current brand products, in the light of the internal configuration of a single, multimode adaptive circuits, can directly use the Dan Moguang terminal transmission.

  • 16 Port HDMI Splitter Support 3D Video Distribution
  • Mini 4K 3-Port HDMI Switch Box Black
  • 1080P HDMI to VGA Converter for PC/Laptop/DVD
  • 1 PC to 8 Monitors VGA Splitter Box for Multiple Monitors
  • VGA-RJ45 Over Single Cat6e UTP Ethernet Cable Extender 300Meter Distance
  • 2-Port DVI Splitter Resolution Up to 1080P

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