Power Amplifier Connection With HDMI

- May 04, 2017 -

PS3 connection with the amplifier: PS3 has a variety of audio-visual interface, including HD output (HDMI 1.3 out), fiber digital output (DIGITAL out), more focus on frequency output (AV MULTI out), and then the network Interface (LAN), can cope with the majority of display equipment and audio equipment needs. To play good PS3, the best amplifier is with HDMI 1.3 interface, of course not 1.3 version can also, but not the best way to connect. Because PS3 as long as an HDMI interface and a fiber optic outlet, the connection has two methods. 1, if your amplifier is with HDMI interface (recommended 1.3 version), then the PS3 HDMI output interface through the HDMI cable plug into the amplifier of the HDMI input interface, and the amplifier's HDMI output interface to connect the TV. 2, if your amplifier is not with HDMI interface, then the PS3 HDMI interface will be connected to TV, fiber optic power amplifier.

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