How To Use HDMI HD Line Correctly

- May 04, 2017 -

1, recommended shut down the HDMI HD cable: HDMI interface design is very convenient for plug, and the HDMI cable also has the design of hot plug function, but because of different HDMI HD line of internal process different, the connection of high-definition devices, some users hot plug HDMI HD cable has caused the HDMI interface chips burned, so for 100% of the safe use of HDMI HD line, It is advisable to confirm that the TV and HD player have been shut down when the HDMI HD line is plugged in, so that the HDMI and HD devices are more guaranteed to avoid accidents. 2, HDMI cable Connection TV and HD: Many HD users have just begun to use the HDMI cable to connect to TV and HD when there are some problems. When answering the HDMI line, open HD player, find TV shows no video signal, this situation, do not panic, please check the TV set is more than one HDMI interface. If so, select the correct interface. The LCD TV in the picture, only one HDMI interface, just shut down in the state, plug the HDMI cable, the other end connected HD Player HDMI interface, connect the power, enter the TV menu, the HDMI mode settings, select the corresponding model, and then the single machine can be determined.

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