Analysis On The Characteristics Of Mobile Connector Industry

- May 04, 2017 -

With the advent of the handset connector market development Climax, the 2011 domestic Handset Connector Market also presents new features, mobile phone connector industry development further white-hot, connector manufacturers of competition gradually evolved into the connector Agent competition. 2011, the handset Connector market in depth direction gradually expanded, the connector Agent competition gradually became the mainstream of the connector market competition. At present, the mainland's connector manufacturing agents are mainly Molex connector agents, AMP connector agents, Amphenol connector agents, such as the national region to Dongguan development most powerful. Authoritative experts have been investigated, at present in the connector industry, especially the rapid development of network marketing, e-commerce a certain degree of business has become the connector industry development of the main trend, however, the connector online trade further development. The development of the connector industry is also further into the network era, but the network is a complex "big market", the network engaged in connector procurement practitioners will have a common professional characteristics-"irritability", this is due to the popularity of the network, the inevitable result, so that the future connector agents can really grasp the network connector customers, can enter the connector network ERA for a first opportunity.

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