Analysis Of The Technology Core Of HD Optical Transceiver

- May 04, 2017 -

Video standards, audio and visual indicators, interface protection, stability is a measure of high-definition optical transceiver quality important indicators. According to micro-invasive Xing Yaping analysis, HD-SDI video signal is compatible with SMPTE259M/292M/344M/424MB standard, HDMI video signal is in line with HDMI1.0 or HDMI1.1 or HDMI1.3 standard, the video standard reflects the compatibility of video signal sources such as optical terminals and cameras. Audio indicators reflect the quality of audio, such as Snr, the same resolution, the higher the Snr, the higher the image clarity, the good echo loss performance is the key to ensure high speed transmission performance; Video color depth, 12bit more 8bit can support more detailed lifelike color image; Interface protection, can greatly improve product quality, reduce product maintenance rate; High and low temperature performance of HD optical transceiver The stability of the long time running is a vital role for the security and stability of the whole monitoring system, the high-definition optical terminals can be guaranteed to operate stably and reliably in the system by adopting the devices with the highest stability and reliability.

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