Analysis Of Internal Structure Of High-definition Optical Transceiver Products

- May 04, 2017 -

At present, high-Qing-end machine adopts full digital, non-compressed solution, from the current market, HD optical terminal products in marketing mainly to a variety of interface access and interface signal Mutual transfer, large capacity multi-channel simultaneous transmission and high-end applications and other directions. Currently covered with HDMI, DVI, SDI and other industries of the general interface of HD Video optical transceiver and a variety of high-definition interface converter equipment, using large-capacity optical devices and wavelength division multiplexing technology in 1-core fiber to achieve multi-channel HD image transmission. In addition, it can also bring data, audio, alarm and other business signals transmission. At the same time, some mainstream manufacturers began to subdivide the market positioning in the expressway Mouth card, military command and dispatch, landmark venues, airports and other high-end applications to promote.

  • 4K 3 Port 3 X 1 HDMI Switch with Remote support PS4
  • 3x1 4K Ultra HD Switcher Support 1080P 3D HDCP
  • VGA to HDMI Output Costech HD 1080p TV AV HDTV Video Cable Converter Adapter Plug and Play with Audio for HDTVs Monitors Displayers Laptop Desktop Computer
  • VGA PC/Laptop to HDMI Converter R/L Audio
  • 2-Port DVI Splitter 1 input to 2 Output Multiple LCD Monitor Synch Display Support Resolution Up to 1080P
  • USB KVM Switch Box for PC Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse Control (2 Port)

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