Working principle and application of VGA distribution device

- May 04, 2017 -

The VGA distributor works by inputting the VGA signal of the way into a specific distributor device. The integrated chip video from the Distributor device is allocated to multi-channel VGA signal, and then the video processing equipment which distributes the signal outputs, has high performance, large bandwidth, large video power analog integrated circuits, multi pole frequency compensation and gain, etc. VGA video distributor adopts high-quality IC design, can realize the audio and video signal in each port of independent output operation, and non-interference, but also high-power driving load, good realization of audio and video high fidelity transmission. The allocation amplifier simultaneously provides the signal peak and the level adjustment and the equalization and so on amplification and enhancement function. Each output on the allocation amplifier is buffered, so the clarity and intensity of the original signal can still be preserved when the signal is allocated.

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