What is the HDMI interface

- May 04, 2017 -

First of all, the 1th can be very clear that HDMI is a digital high-definition interface, is also the mainstream of the current independent video card with most motherboards with HDMI interface. HDMI is a digital video/audio interface technology, is suitable for image transmission of a dedicated digital interface, which can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals, the highest data transmission speed of 5Gbps. There is no need to make a number/modulus or modulo/number conversion before signal transmission. It is precisely because of its powerful data transmission ability, can meet the high definition of high-definition, high-resolution video data transmission, this is the normal VGA display interface can not match, as if the broadband telephone line in the same as the optical fiber, transmission data ability difference is very large. HDMI port support to meet 1080P,720P Full HD format video output, is currently the most popular high-definition interface, of course, the current HD interface is not only HDMI, such as the DP HD interface.

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