- May 27, 2017 -

HDMI Splitter also known as HDMI Splitter Extender or HDMI Distribution Amplifier, enables you to display the same image and audio from one HDMI source to multiple HDMI LCDs or TVs. 

Connect the HDMI input source and output devices into theHDMI Splitter. (HDMI cables are optional)

HDMI Splitter  specifications1 in 2 out,1 in 4 out,1 in 8 out,1 in 16 out&.Please purchase according to actual needs

  • AV To HDMI Video Audio Converter Adapter
  • 1X4 DVI Splitter Up To 1080P
  • Musou 4K Manual 2 Port HDMI Switch 1x2
  • Gold-Plated 1080P Active HDMI to VGA Adapter Video Converter with 3.5mm Audio Port Cable for PC/Laptop/DVD
  • 1 PC to 4 Monitors SVGA/XGA 4 Port VGA Splitter Box 550hz for 3 Monitors
  • 1 PC to 8 Monitors 8 Port VGA Splitter Box for Multiple Monitors

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