What is a VGA interface

- May 04, 2017 -

VGA (video graphics array), the video graphical array, is IBM in 1987 with the PS/2 machine (PS/2 Originally "Personal System 2" meaning, "from the Systems 2", IBM was launched in 1987) a computer. The keyboard and mouse interface used on the VGA switch HDMI,PS/2 computer is now the PS/2 interface. The PS/2 computer failed in the mall because the specification was not open. As long as the PS/2 interface has been used today. The application of analog signal in a video transmission specification, at its time with high resolution, rapid appearance rate, rich colors and other strengths, in the category of the colorful display device has been widely used. This specification is now very outdated for the computer mall. Even so, VGA is still the most manufacturer of a specification to support together, since a computer in the loading of the common driver, must support the VGA specification. For example, the Microsoft Windows series of products on the screen still use VGA display mode, which also explains its importance in the manifestation of norms and compatibility.

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