Troubleshooting of HDMI Matrix working

- May 04, 2017 -

One, we need to change the HDMI matrix settings, requirements debug out the menu, but when unable to debug out of the menu to set the time we need to see the video matrix equipment is not normal operation, but also on a question, see the relevant indicator is not normal, the second step we want to see the keyboard locks, is not locked. Second, how we know the video matrix in normal operation, this is to be more rapid discriminant, we first look at the video matrix equipment front panel power indicator is not lit, and secondly, we want to investigate the run lamp and the keyboard behind the lights flashing a times per second, in the display area of the keyboard, the lower left corner can not show the right moment. Thirdly, how to select the HDMI matrix and manipulate the keyboard correctly, our proposition is: if our video matrix hosts and manipulating keyboards are relatively close to the interval, the length of our cable is adequate, the best is to select 8-core flat wire bridging video matrix mainframe and keyboard, and if our matrix host and the control keyboard is relatively distant, the current network cable can not reach the length of demand, advocate selection of the keyboard local transformer power supply, Use 2-core 485 communication lines to connect the matrix mainframe and keyboard methods. To pay special attention, the same keyboard can not use the two wiring methods.

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