Three features of HDMI interface

- May 04, 2017 -

One, single-line transmission of audio and video: HDMI standard connector selection of a single line of convergence, replacing the back of the clutter of merchandise cables. We know, HDMI distributor interface not only transmits the manifestation signal, and can transmit the audio signal together, the relative ability to cut a cohesive line (or multiple connection lines), not only make the whole machine behind "fresh" a lot, and the convergence of the cuts, together also reduce the incidence of exposure to adverse conditions. Two transmission intervals: The cable with the HDMI standard interface has no length constraint. For example: DVI cables can not exceed 8 meters in length, otherwise will affect the quality of the picture, and the HDMI standard products do not have this question. With regard to the distance between the host and the viewer in the living room or elsewhere, the HDMI interface cohesion can ensure that the quality and practice manifest function as much as possible. Third, the transmission speed: HDMI standard interface in adhering to high-quality conditions can be digitally transmitted in the manner of non-tight high-resolution video and multi-channel audio data. Its outstanding function exceeded all the previous merchandise. HDMI interface maximum data transmission speed of 5Gbps, this point whether VGA interface is still DVI interface can not match.

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