There is a HDMI extension, you still afraid of the impact of the transmission distance?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

With the updating of the equipment interface, more and more computers, TV sets, boxes and other devices are using the HDMI interface.


 Today, many families have laptops, various network boxes, PS3/PS4 video games and a series of HDMI interface devices. In particular, the installation of home theater, or video conferencing, outdoor large screen, home theater, as long as high-definition video and video remote transmission data needs, you can use the HDMI extender. Home theater usually needs a long line layout HDMI HD, sometimes too long HDMI HD line is very easy to cause the transmission signal is not stable, there are a lot of families are using in-line panel, but the use of in-line panel will affect the signal loss, but also cause the fault node in the line. In this case the best device HDMI extender. To avoid the damage of the signal, the CAT5/6 network extends the connection in the middle, enhances the stability of the signal, and also avoids the fault nodes in the line.