The difference between VGA signal and RGB signal

- Sep 09, 2017 -

On the market, the RGB signal matrix is much more expensive than the VGA signal matrix. Both of them transmit computer signals. What are the differences between the two signals? Is it like some people say that VGA signals are analog signals, and RGB signals are digital signals?

If the RGB signal that is now RGBHV signal market popular words, then the VGA and RGB signals are the same signal, are red, green and blue three primary color signals, and the horizontal synchronous signal and a vertical synchronization signal, RGBHV signal, they are a form of component video signals, are the analog signal is digital signal, that is, from the signal structure and properties are as like as two peas signal; the difference between them is for transmission and processing of different (technical standards are not the same), we know that the signal interface and transmission cable to transmit the signal with signal loss, and generally more frequency under the same conditions the high loss is big, so is not high of the bandwidth of the RGBHV signal, we consider from the cost savings, you can use 15 pin D interface, 3+2 or 3+5 transmission line, because the signal bandwidth is not high So, the signal processing chip frequency should not be too high, the RGBHV signal is VGA signal; higher resolution of RGBHV signal, gray level higher, you must use a Q9 five connection head (each branch of a signal), RGBHV signal cable transmission is composed of coaxial cable 5 wide band., with higher frequency chip to process the signal, the signal is RGBHV (five wire RGB signal).

The RGB signal and a horizontal synchronization signal and a vertical synchronization signal combined with a line transmission, which is RGBS (four wire RGB signal), then the composite synchronization signal, and the signal of green or blue composite signal, RGB signal is three wire. RGBS and RGB are often heavily used in graphics workstations and television broadcasts.

Therefore, the VGA signal is used to transmit and process RGBHV signals ranging from tens to 100M of bandwidth, while the RGB is used to transmit and process RGBHV signals with multiple M bandwidths of 100M~200. (processing equipment bandwidth is more than 2~3 times that of signal to meet the requirement of higher harmonic signal)

The RGB and VGA signals in the standard level, usually VGA signal transmission distance according to the standard of only a few meters, in the engineering practice of more than 15 meters is not stable, even failure; RGB signal transmission bandwidth according to different standards, only 10~50 meters, more than 60~80 meters in engineering practice is not stable, even as for the failure; those who use the signal amplification, increase the capacitance compensation technique, the signal transmission to the far distance, then another, this method results in different bandwidth of the signal is not the same, is not stable; so long line transmission should be now modulated transmission by cable or optical fiber transmission.

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