The application of DVI signal transmission in multimedia solutions

- Sep 09, 2017 -

1. provide the best image quality.

In the VGA signal display, the image quality of the notebook is the highest. CPU will display the data to the graphics card, graphics card after processing to form a graphic display to signal (digital signal), the digital signal will directly drive the LCD screen display signal of the notebook, this is the "original" signal, without any treatment and loss. The graphic signal (digital) after D/A conversion, the formation of RGBHV signal transmission to the display equipment is needed after the A/D process, to generate a digital signal to drive LCD and other equipment, the signal after D/A conversion, D/A, resulting in the bandwidth and SNR of the loss, such as: according to Nyquist the principle of sampling, the maximum bandwidth only half the sampling clock, and the signal-to-noise ratio is only about 56dB (by 8bit quantization). But if the graphic signal (digital) after parallelconversion conversion, the formation of the DVI signal output, then the display device only after serial parallel conversion through the DVI transmission to can directly drive LCD and other equipment, this process has not been A/D, D/A conversion, will not cause the loss of signal.

2. reduce the loss of the signal in the transmission process.

The analog signal in the transmission, the transmission system of amplitude frequency and group delay characteristics of a high power, low frequency interference, interference and ground reflection effect, signal loss is serious, and the treatment is very difficult to solve the above problems in engineering, some even can not be solved. But the digital signal transmission is not the existence of these problems, the biggest advantage of digital transmission is strong anti-interference ability and can reconstruct regeneration, simply speaking, is as long as that in the process of transmission, "0", "1" the discrimination error has not occurred, the signal receiver is correct and lossless, difficult to solve simulation transmission problems in the transmission process of digital does not exist, this is a fundamental solution to the problem of plan, ensure to reach the display signal and display devices like laptop, give full play to the advantages of the display device, improves the display effect of the whole system

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