How to use the HDMI switcher?

- Aug 12, 2017 -

The connection, operation and usage of the HDMI switcher are simple and convenient, which greatly facilitates our daily life. If your living room has multiple signal sources that need to be connected to the TV, the HDMI switcher provides you with the best solution.

Operation method of HDMI switcher

The HDMI switch can be multiple input signals, according to the need to switch to a display terminal display, such as a PS3 game machine, Blu ray players, such as computer home, using the HDMI switch the 3 signals, according to the need to switch to a TV or display on a display terminal display, no need of frequent in between each signal source and the TV plug HDMI line.

HDMI switcher connection method:

1.The first step is to connect the signal source to the INPUT interface of the HDMI switcher using the HDMI line;

2.The second step is to connect the OUTPUT interface of the HDMI switcher to the TV set by using HDMI line;

Under normal circumstances, the above two simple steps can complete the connection between the HDMI switcher and the signal source and the display terminal. If the output voltage of the signal source is not enough, the user also needs to connect the HDMI switcher to the external power supply.

Ysinton HDMI switcher 3 cut 1 support input. Long 20 meters, output 3--5 meters long distance transmission; 5 cut 1 support input and output end of the longest 10 meters distance, depending on the equipment. When the user connects the HDMI switcher in actual use, the length of the HDMI line should be limited within this range to experience the best results.


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