HDMI HD line usage notes

- Sep 09, 2017 -

With everyone's desire to enjoy HD, the HDMI interface is used more and more. When using the HDMI interface, many small details need to be known.

HDMI is best not to hot swap

HDMI interface is one of the biggest advantages of easy to use, as long as a line, audio, video can be all transmitted. Very convenient plug and interface design, no need to press any button you can easily pull the plug. However, this brings another problem. If you plug in or unplug directly, it will easily cause the chip of HDMI interface to burn down. Therefore when plugged the HDMI line, do not plug must be projector and related equipment are connected close to the plug.

Short distance transmission can be done with cheap HDMI lines

For many of our home users, projectors and other input source equipment will not be too far away, usually one to two meters, so we generally choose 1.5 meters of HDMI line on it. In the selection of HDMI wire, 5 meters can be considered short distance transmission, HDMI line selection is relatively simple, one important factor is the quality of wire wire thickness, can be divided into 24, 26, 28 and 30, several lines, the smaller the number, the wire diameter is thicker, the better. For lines below 5 meters, choose the lines 28 and 30

Long distance transmission has strict requirement for wire rod

If it is long distance transmission, the requirement of HDMI wire is very strict. The factors determining the quality of HDMI wire rod are the following as well as the thickness of the wire diameter:

Long distance transmission, the transmission of 1080i or 720P signal, the difference was not significant, but the transmission of 1080P signals, the wire requirements are very harsh, if the line quality, ranging from screen to jump, big erythema phenomenon, while no signal.

Therefore, long distance offline selection is very careful. When you choose, you can't just look at the external thickness of the line. A lot of the lines that look very thick are just the thickness of the outer skin. They're actually line 28, and they can't transmit 1080P signals at all. 10 meters above the HDMI line to transmit 1080P signals, the best requirement is line 24, at least to ensure that line 26. Line 24, transmitting 1080P signals, can reach 30 meters. And line 28 to transmit 1080P signal, even 10 meters distance can not guarantee quality.

HDMI wiring carefully buried in the wall

Many friends in order to use the beautiful and convenient later, want to advance in the decoration of the HDMI line will be buried in the wall in advance, this approach must be careful. HDMI wire is bent too big and has a great influence on signal transmission

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