HDMI Distributor HDMI Cable purchasing Knowledge

- May 04, 2017 -

HDMI:HDMI's English full name is "High Definition Multimedia Interface", the meaning of the Chinese is a highly clear multimedia interface. The HDMI interface can provide up to 5Gbps of data transmission bandwidth, can transmit uncompressed audio signal and high difference rate video signal. At the same time, there is no need for the signal transmission line of the number/modulus/number conversion, to ensure the highest quality audio-visual signal transmission. HDMI is compatible with DVI on pins, just taking a different package. Compared with DVI, HDMI can transmit digital audio signals and increase support for HDPC, while providing better DDC optional features. HDMI supports the 5Gbps data transfer rate, the farthest can transmit 20 meters, enough to cope with a 1080p video and a 8-channel audio signal. Because of a 1080p video and a 8-channel audio signal demand less than 4 GB/s, thus HDMI still has a very da yu amount. This permits it to connect the DVD player with a cable separately, the receiver and the PRR. In addition to HDMI support EDID,DDC2B, so that the HDMI device has a "Plug and Play" feature, the signal source and display devices will automatically "negotiate", automatically select the most appropriate video/audio format.

  • EP Support 8 displays Port HDMI Splitter
  • Mini 4K 3-Port HDMI Switch with Cable
  • HDMI Extender over Optic Fiber and Transmission 20Km
  • VGA PC/Laptop to HDMI Video Converter R/L Audio to HDMI 1080p
  • 1 PC to 4 Monitors t VGA Splitter Box 550hz
  • USB Printer Scanner Sharing Switch Box Hub 2 Port Sharing

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