Features of DVI interface

- May 04, 2017 -

One, Speed: DVI transmits digital signal, digital picture information does not need to undergo any transformation, will be directly transferred to the display device, thus reducing the number → imitation → digital cumbersome transformation process, greatly saves time, thus its speed is faster, useful to eliminate the phenomenon of dragging, and use DVI to transmit data, signal no attenuation, color more pure, more vivid. Second, the screen is clear: the computer transmission is the binary digital signal, the use of VGA interface to connect the LCD will need to first signal through the video card (digital/analog) converter to R, G, b three primary color signal and line, field synchronous signal, these signals through the analog signal transmission lines to the LCD also need a corresponding A/d (analog/digital) converter will imitate the signal once again into a digital signal to the LCD to show the picture.

  • HDMI Extender over Optic Fiber and Transmission 20Km
  • VGA to HDMI Converter r for HDTVs Monitors Displayers .HD 1080P
  • VGA PC/Laptop to HDMI Video Converter R/L Audio to HDMI 1080p
  • 2 Port USB Switch Hub Sharing Switcher Auto Printer Scanner External
  • USB KVM Switch Box for PC Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse Control (2 Port)
  • Manual 2 Port USB KVM Switch 2 PC 1 Monitor VGA Stampante Box

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