Advantages of VGA video extender in system engineering

- Sep 09, 2017 -

With the project, home theater with a large screen (plasma, projector etc.) more and more, a huge screen requires higher clarity, ordinary TV TV signal has not reached the standard, and the popularity of the network makes the film more easy to get good electric resources. In combination with the high definition of computer VGA video, many people have proposed to use the big screen of home theater to play the downloaded movies on the computer, and watch the big videos with the high-definition video of the computer VGA. Various monitoring, information publishing and other projects also put forward the requirements of VGA video transmission. This idea is often limited by the standard transmission distance of VGA video.

In order to solve the problem of VGA transmission over the project, VGA signal amplifier began to appear. It uses the amplification principle and uses VGA video cable as the transmission medium. It can transmit the VGA video signal of the computer up to 100 meters. But then people found its flaws, long distance VGA wire thick and hard, not easy to find, need to factory custom, wiring is extremely inconvenient, VGA head in welding is also very easy to go wrong. VGA wire itself determines its interference, with the increase of the distance, some were not very strong interference in the long wire to be strong, some of the interference signals with the amplifier amplification, can lead to success and the actual project done in no way by some test environment, the huge loss caused by rework. In order to solve the problems in these transmissions, new technologies and ideas emerge as the times require, and a VGA video extender using common network cable (twisted pair) as the transmission medium has become a new upstart of VGA video transmission technology.

The transmission mode uses a transmitter, a receiver, the transmitter to re encode the VGA video signal, transmit the differential signal technique on the network cable, and decode the far end receiver into VGA. Due to the high frequency attenuation of the wire characteristics of the network cable, the recovery compensation technique of the back-end receiver is very important. Technical treatment is bad, there will be poor color recovery effect, tailing, ghosting and other issues. Many products are adjusted by grading and switching yards,

VGA video extender, it adopts the differential technology itself, anti-jamming performance is strong, coupled with a number of technical treatment, anti-interference greatly improved. Even in the harshest power plants, strong electrical and magnetic environments can be used to transmit VGA video over long distances. Anti-interference is an important index to ensure the quality of the project. How to ensure the anti-interference of the product shows the level of the research and development personnel of the design circuit. Different products of anti interference effects are not the same, there are conditions when users select the products to do the best interference testing, no conditions in the field or the best user than in the worse case test and setting purchase. Only in this way can the quality of the project be guaranteed by Party A and the cooperation between the two parties will be guaranteed.

To wire as wire, draw cheap, crystal head easy to make, wiring is also convenient. At present, the price difference between VGA video extender and VGA signal amplifier is not big. The farther away the wire cost is, the better the anti-interference effect is. It can be said that more than 30 meters away from the VGA video extender instead of VGA signal amplifier is already a trend. My company has developed VGA extension device 300 meters, 180 meters. 100 meters, 200 meters, to meet a variety of different needs

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