Advantages of HDMI interface transmission

- Sep 09, 2017 -

The HDMI standard is a very mature standard, is the main standard for high-definition video transmission, however, with the rapid development of mobile devices, wireless HD video transmission protocol is becoming popular, since the launch date, HDMI has many releases, the market share of some various versions are. HDMI introduced only HD DVD players, Blu ray players and flat screen TVs when it launched in 2003. The application of products today is extended to the personal computer, notebook computer, tablet computer, intelligent mobile phone, TV game, home theater audio, projector, digital camera, digital camera, LCD display, flat screen TV, smart TV and direct connect (HDMI Dongle), vehicle system etc.. Because the resolution enhancement is a big trend, also is the consumer in the purchase new product's target, therefore above all application products can develop toward HDMI 2 specifications.

4K is currently a hot market, but due to the lack of 4K sources for flat-panel TVs, mobile devices become the main carriers of 4K sources, and 4K sources for transmission to play on the big screen so that consumers can watch 4K video by MHL, SlimPort and other emerging transmission protocol. The target market and HDMI MHL and Slimport is different, HDMI is committed to providing the required market function, by focusing on simple, reliable, the core principles and performance, the development of new specifications to meet the demand in any hd.

The HDMI association was founded in 2003 by 7 companies (7 Founders), consisting of 7 companies' technologies and patents that together form the HDMI standard of technology and patents. The HDMI forum is open to all entities participating in the business and not necessarily a member of the HDMI association. The purpose of joining the forum is to participate in the discussion and formulation of HDMI specifications. The purpose of joining the HDMI association is to obtain permission to make HDMI products. The nature and purpose of both members are different.

Compared with wired transmission, wireless transmission protocol for user easier to use, such as WIDI, Miracast and other protocols have been favorable for users, HDMI is a non compressed audio and video streaming, a high-definition video as authentic. In addition, with the improvement of the processing rate, the transmission data of 4K (ultra high definition), 5K, 8K and other video has increased exponentially, which poses a challenge to wireless broadcasting. HDMI is one of the safest, cheapest, and most popular digital high-definition interface standards

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